EFT Masters are highly talented, experienced certified practitioners. On this site they share information about creative, and often unique, applications of EFT. Increase your knowledge and skills using EFT with the many helpful articles, audio and video resources, and workshops all around the world. All the EFT Masters were certified by Gary Craig, founder of EFT, from 2005-2007, and now hold the EFT Honors Certification.

From Masters around the world
Maggie Adkins
EFT Founding Master
AAMET Trainer of Trainers
Note from Maggie: This little story is about me. I have not been specific about how I used EFT at various places along the way. There are plenty of articles that outline more specifically how I have used EFT for myself and others. Please just know that EFT has been and still is an integral part of my coming home to myself, to my being in peace within myself and therefore, more of a force for good in the world.    “Do something!” Mother had swept into the room a moment earlier. Her demanding voice interrupted what had been a sweet and serene quiet. “What are you doing just sitting there? Clean your room. Go outside and sweep the sidewalk. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. Move it, young lady!” At eleven years old, I didn’t yet know that it was hopeless. I actually thought for a moment about what I would like to do, while, hands firmly planted on hips, she waited. “The river is smooth as glass today. I think I’ll row my rowboat.” I said, realizing that I couldn’t just sit there...

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From Masters around the world

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From Masters around the world

I truly enjoy and value your informative web site and newsletter. It always feels so supportive. Rather like you have all been there and done that. Keep up the good
work. Thanks so much for your support. – Alan

This is brilliant! The Keynotes of the approaches of individual Masters – some recalled, some submerged in memory, and some new – are deeply helpful “Workbook” stuff. – Bright Blessings, David

I find the information and tips in your regular newsletter very useful. Please keep them coming. – Best wishes, Anne ‘Light Touch Therapies’