A Tapalong For Overwhelm

Sometimes we just get overwhelmed.

It seems theres so much to do that we’ll never get everything finished. And the truth is, we’re unlikely finish everything we’re planning because as we clear things new things come in to fill the space and that’s ok, if we allow it to be.
When we get bothered by it, we get tense and panicky and then, as the blood goes to the amygdala so that we can run away from it, the blood leaves the pre frontal cortex where solutions are created and so we can’t see a way through and we get even more panicky and so the circle goes. it becomes a habit and like all habits it can be changed, so here’s a tapalong to start the process fro those of us who find ourselves in this space from time to time and that includes me:)
Even though I’m getting flustered, I’m OK
Even though there’s just too much to do, I deeply and completely accept myself
Even though I just don’t know where to start I’m OK anyway, maybe
Too much to do,
I can’t do it all,
I don’t know where to start
I’ll never get it done
What do I do first
What if I closed my eyes,
What if I took a deep breath
What if I let it out really slowly, along with the tension I’ve built up?
Even though this is an old pattern, I’m OK
Even though this was probably someone in the family’s pattern and I borrowed it, I’m OK
Even though I’m so used to feeling like this, I’m open to the possibility that I could allow myself to get used to feeling differently
It’s so old
Maybe it doesn’t work for me any more
I wonder if it ever did
I wonder if it worked for whoever created it in the first place
Maybe there are new strategies that would work better
I give my higher self permission to share it’s wisdom with the part that’s running this pattern, so it can consider creating something new and wonderful and helpful
And it can start with me breathing, slowly and deeply
And as I release the tension I’ve been creating, I’ll be making space for new helpful ways forward to come in and I thanks all parts of me for their help as I learn to do this differently.
Jacqui Crooks www.jacquicrooks.com

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