• Do you have a strong interest in EFT?
  • Do you enjoy coaching or counseling others?
  • Have you begun to add EFT to your skill set?
  • Is EFT your favorite skill in your tool box as you work with people?
  • Have you considered developing a full time EFT practice?
  • Have you started a practice but not getting clients?
  • You want to be the best EFT practitioner you can be?

This page is for you!

Several of the EFT Masters enjoy business mentoring with prospective EFT practitioners. They will share their business expertise and marketing ideas with you here. Check back often for new tips and suggestions.

You can also purchase a DVD of the ‘Marketing Tips from the Masters’ filmed at the 2007 EFT Master Showcases. These DVDs include a book on CD that has a wealth of information to help jump start your business and give you new ideas. Check the EFT Products page for other business products to help your business grow.


You keep putting off an EFT project? Set a timer for your chosen task for 15 minutes. This significantly cuts down on overwhelm. You KNOW you CAN do most ANYTHING for 15 minutes. So decide on any one EFT business task you want to do, set the timer and just do it for 15 minutes. Amazing really what you can get done in 15 FOCUSED minutes.
Ann Adams, LCSW FromtheDeskofAnnAdams.com


If you deliver EFT services and take money for it remember that means you are in ‘business’. Make sure you are aware of any local or state regulations or requirements that may cover your EFT business.


EFT services are covered in the USA by the American Professional Agency, Inc. (www.americanprofessional.com) They provide professional liability insurance for licensed professionals in the mental health field.
Ann Adams, LCSW www.EFT4PowerPoint.com


Business cards are VERY inexpensive to print professionally and a great marketing tool. And more importantly, give you a professional appearance. Do a search on the internet to find printers like VistaPrint, GotPrint and 48hrprint. They even have online design programs where you can choose your graphics or upload your picture.


Give your client homework on a colored 3 by 5 card so they can find it easily.


You have good information but no time to write. Create an ebook easily by recording a talk or lecture. Find a court stenographer to type it, edit it, upload it and you are done. Or find a budding writer at a local college and have them edit it.


Your clients only listen to one radio station: WIFM – What’s in It For Me. Be sure your marketing material emphasizes benefits of your services for your potential ideal clients.
Ann Adams, Director, Former EFT Masters Program www.EFT4PowerPoint.com


Develop a mission statement that reflects your values. A mission statement is about WHAT you DO to WHOM and WHY. It helps you make decisions about your business.


Build an attractive, compelling website. Use it as your “electronic brochure”, for credibility, and for dozens of other reasons. Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master.


Build a solid e-mail list. To do that you might need to offer free or very affordable workshops, teleclasses, or other give-aways on your website. Just make sure you require people to enter their name and e-mail address in exchange for whatever you are giving them. There are a lot of services out there that will allow you to capture e-mail addresses (with the participants’ consent.) Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master.


Don’t get accused of spamming. Keep your email list fresh. Make it easy to unsubscribe and do it quickly. Remove any bounce backs and expired email addresses promptly. And, remove the duplicate addresses.
Ann Adams, Director, Former EFT Master Program www.EFT4PowerPoint.com


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