Bullying: Freeing Yourself From its Impact

Bullying: Freeing Yourself From its Impact

Being at the receiving end of bullying can have a profound impact on a person’s life. People attend my clinics with a diverse range of issues, such as fear of public speaking, ME, learning issues, stress, weight issues, etc. Countless times I have traced those issues back to their point of origin. I have found bullying to be at the root of many of these problems.

Example: Client with an intense fear of flying that would not clear by tapping on planes or anything related to planes. Only when we found the root of his problem, being chased by a gang who bullied him, ending up trapped in the toilets with them pounding on the door, did we make progress releasing his fear.

Bullying can occur in many different forms. It can be verbal, name calling. It can be physical. It can be low grade, such as the occasional critical comment, to intense, constant criticism. All forms can have a profound impact. Often we think that just because time has passed or we no longer think about some think that it no longer affects us. That isn’t the case. We can move on with our life and carry the emotional impact from these events. How do we know that they are there impacting us? If you have problems now in your life and if you went through a period of bullying at some earlier point it is always worthwhile to release yourself from the impact of the bullying by tapping it out.

Tapping Out Bullying

So, what can you tap on to clear it?

Specific Events

If you remember the specific events, you can go through these detail by detail and tap it out each emotion, feeling, sound, smell, taste until you struggle to recall what happened. Tap everything out until they are 100% gone and you feel good.


Memories can have a verbal component, For example, I walked into the classroom, and I heard him shout, “look who is here.” If you can still hear his voice, notice how you feel. Tap this out by using the words that were said at the time. These words will tune you directly into the problem.

“Even thought he shouted look who’s here………..


If when you think about the bullying, you see an image in your minds eye, such as the smirking face of the person doing the bullying, then you need to tap that out. Just close your eyes and tap whilst you allow your awareness to stay with the image. The image will often fade or change as you do this, releasing its hold over your emotional state.


Notice any physical feelings in your body as you think about the events and tap them out. For example,

Even though I have this churning feeling in my stomach when I think of going into that classroom, I accept I feel that way, and that is ok.

Keep Tapping until you have 100% released every emotion, feeling, sound, smell, taste, image related to the specific bullying events. Then take the time to notice how you now feel. And notice what might have changed in your life, for example, you might feel more confident:-)

All the best,


Tania A Prince

EFT Founding Master

AAMET Accredited Certified EFT Master Trainer of Trainers

Tania runs EFT Training Courses in Manchester, England

Visit Tania’s website: www.eft-courses.co.uk


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