Common Blocks to EFT Treatment for Addictive Behaviors

By Loretta Sparks, MA, EFT Master

What is commonly referred to as a ‘reversal’ is often nothing more than a product of extreme stress, self-sabotaging and limiting core beliefs about our self, our lives and our ability to make positive changes in our lives. A psychologically reversed state exists when you are literally acting in opposition to your goal, even though you have the knowledge and ability to accomplish that goal.

Such psychological reversals, or energy disturbances, sensitivity to allergens and energy toxins are more common in persons with any sort of addiction. Persons with chronic physical or emotional problems and addictive behavior are most often ‘reversed’. However, these blocks can occur when using EFT with any problem even something seemingly simple. Where these blocks are present the energy treatment will not work at all or works at an excruciatingly slow pace. Energy system disturbances can be specific or general and can be on a continuum from minimum to massive.

Below are nine very useful techniques for removing various types of energy reversals. Try them all.

  1. The Karate Chop Point: The typical EFT sequence starts with tapping the Karate Chop spot (side of the hand) and developing an appropriate setup. You then FOCUS and tap for a SPECIFIC craving or compulsive urge. For example: “Even though I have this craving (or urge) for ‘a cigarette’, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Create a 2- or 3-word reminder phrase, such as, “this deep craving for a cigarette” and tap the EFT spots.
  2. The Sore Spot: As always place your attention on the specific problem. Rub the Sore Spot on the left side of your chest saying out loud: “Even with all my problems and limitations, I deeply and completely accept myself.” For members of the 12 Step Program the words: ‘Shortcomings and defects of character’ may be used in place of ‘problems and limitation’
  3. The 9 Gamut: Often eliminated from the EFT sequence, in working with addictive behavior it is often helpful to add the 9 Gamut between sequences. For ease in locating the 9 Gamut spot just use all fingers to lightly slap the back of the other hand. The 9 Gamut (AKA Brain Balancer) – (CLICK HERE for Karl’s Quick Start program. The 9 Gamut can be found under “The Basic Recipe”): Tap continuously on the back of your hand while looking straight ahead, at the same time complete these 9 steps: • eyes closed/open • eyes sharp down right/left • roll eyes in a circle right then left • hum a tune for 5 seconds • count to 5 • hum again. Then do another EFT sequence using “this remaining _____problem” as the reminder.
  4. Acceptance of ‘Some’: Sometimes we believe subconsciously that it is OK to get over some of the issue but not safe for some reason to get over ALL of it. Continuously tap the karate spot while saying, “Even though, I still have
  5. The Hook Up: May be done standing, sitting or lying down • cross the left ankle over right • cross the right wrist over left • inhale through nose with tongue on the roof of mouth near front teeth • exhale through mouth with tongue resting on the bottom of mouth near front teeth • breathe comfortably for about 2 minutes
  6. Under the Nose: Psychological reversals come in all shapes and sizes. When dealing with any addictive behavior the reversals are particularly common. Under the nose is another potential helpful reversal spot. Focus on the problem to be cleared: tap directly under nose and say 3 times emphasizing the underlined words, “Even if _________, I accept myself deeply and completely.
  7. Use Limiting Belief statements: This is particularly powerful! There are common themes to limiting beliefs. Reversals may be specific to the problem being addressed or they may be based on attitudes about releasing the specific problem (criteria-related reversal) (Gallo, 1998, 2000). Tap the karate spot continuously while saying each of the following sentences 2 times, emphasizing the underlined words:
    “I accept myself deeply and completely, even if:
    I will
    never get over this_______ problem
    I am
    not ready to eliminate this problem with _______.
    I don’t deserve to get over this problem with _______. (i.e. I need to suffer, feel guilty, be punished, etc)
    I feel it’s
    not safe for me to get over this problem with_________.
    I feel it’s
    not safe for others for me to get over this problem with_________.
    I am
    scared to try to deal with this problem with________.
    I will
    feel deprived if I get over this problem with________.
    I will
    not do what is necessary to get over this problem with_______.
    I will
    lose my identity if I get over this problem with________.
    I will
    lose the benefits of having this problem with ______. (i.e. secondary gains)
    I have to
    have ______ before I can get over this problem.
  8. Collarbone Breathing (CBB): This is another technique can be very helpful in chronic problems and especially useful in dealing with addictive behaviors. CBB was taught in Gary’s DVD: The EFT Basic Course, and like the gamut spot has been ‘put on the shelf’ and rarely used. But, in difficult or slow moving cases it is handy to remember. In these particularly complex cases, repeat CBB before each session and do several times a day in between sessions.
  9. Allergens and Toxins
    Toxins are rare but if there is still no drop in the level of distress then it is time to consider allergens and/or energy toxins (i.e. any substance, fume, fluid, solid or energetic, ingested, inhaled or experienced, that weakens an individual’s energy system.) as the possible block to treatment. For instance, ask your client to stop using scented products, such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, household cleaning products, colognes, hair spray, room deodorizer, etc. Another common problem may be his/her pillow! If the pillow is more that 6 years old, 10% of its weight could be allergens (dead dust mites, dust mites, dust mite dung and mold). All of which is directly inhaled while sleeping 6 to 8 hours a night. Have the client either wash, replace or cover the pillows with covers designed to block the allergens.

For much more information from Loretta about dealing with the complexity of addictive behaviors check out the Healing the Cycle of Addictions DVDs.

Loretta is also the author of a very helpful workbook to walk you through using the Personal Peace Procedure most effectively in your life. Loretta’s web site: Email:


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