EFT and Dental Phobias

Many people experience fear when visiting the dentist and some of these people can even be classified as having a dental phobia. When addressing an issue such as a dental phobia, it is important to address not only the present feelings of fear, but, perhaps more importantly, to address the root cause of the fear. This could be something that the client experienced in the past concerning someone else, for example, a child who witnesses his mother experience extreme pain due to a visit to the dentist may come away with a fear of visiting the dentist themselves later in life; or the root of the fear could lie in a past personal experience of the client. Either way, the best way to treat the phobia itself and not just the current symptoms is to bring the client back to the first times they remember associating these negative feelings with being at the dentist’s office. Using the art of reframing can also be highly effective when addressing these types of issues. One my own clients who struggled with a dental phobia could remember two specific incidents in which she experienced extreme amounts of pain at the dentist yet had to remain in the chair whilst the work continued. While working on the first and earliest event, she recalled thinking “I’m going to die.” I used this extreme exaggeration in the set up phrase, so when we began working on the second event, amongst other things, I used the very simple reframe “I’m going to die……….again.” This was just a subtle reminder to the client that, despite her extreme emotions, she did in fact survive. Dental phobias present very addressable issues for EFT, although some may be more stubborn than others. The real skill lies in addressing not only the current fears and emotions, but in finding the root causes of the feelings.

Tania Prince, EFT Master

  1. How do I start these techniques, I am quiet and calm now but I will need to make an appointment with a dentist soon. I have not been to a denist in around 8 years but just the though of having to go and knowing that a needle will be involved brings on the start of an anxiety attack. I am a beginner with this EFT and I need to go to a dentist. I am looking for some help.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this

  2. In EFT, we tap while we focus on the negative. So really focus on your anxiety over the needle while tapping all the points.Really think about what it is about the needle that scares you and tap on that too. You can even tap on our finger points while in the dentist’s chair and it will help. EFT Master Andy Bryce has a DVD set for Dental fear. http://freedomfromdentalfears.com/

  3. Michael Leslie Taylor says:

    Please advise me in coping with overcoming gagging on visits to the dentist.I have recently been told that I have three cavities which need fillings and will receive sedation for them.Is there some way that these cavities can be filled without treatment?How can I be free from gagging in any event?I believe that the cavities have been caused by stress,as,by and large, I’ve had good teeth and little trouble until last year(I’ve had one tooth extracted in May) PLease help! Many thanks

    • There could be multiple current and historical issues behind your gagging problem. You can make your own list of all the events in your own life that still impact you in some way and start tapping with the one that when you look at it bothers you most now. Because of the complexity, however, your fastest way to deal with it would be to contact an experienced EFT practitioner.

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