EFT and Pregnancy


Since many believe that pregnancy plays an important role in the fetus experiencing the emotions of the mother, it seems that EFT can address those issues along with delivery complications. I just haven’t seen much on this topic.


Tapping for pregnancy and birth issues is just as easy as tapping everyday for any other issue. There are hundreds of success stories concerning tapping for pregnancy – both the physical issues often involved with being pregnant as well as the emotional issues. Tapping during pregnancy can be used to effectively address emotional issues such as fear and sadness, and has also been reported to be effective on physical issues such as morning sickness, pain and discomfort, and hormonal imbalances. Likewise, EFT can be an extremely effective tool during the birthing process and throughout labor. Many people have experienced great success in achieving a sense of calm and decreasing pain during labor using EFT. There have been reports of EFT being effective in altering the less than ideal position of a baby before the birth occurred. As a warning, however, many people believe that using the more recently introduced “inner ankle point” may be harmful for women who are pregnant. In fact, on www.emofree.com, Tapas Fleming along with several others cautions against using that particular point at any stage of pregnancy. More information on the inner ankle point can be found at: http://www.emofree.com/faq/pregnancy.htm

  1. I need a specific tapping script to balance out hormones and stop weight gain, miscarriage, luteal phase defect, pcos, etc.

    Anyone know where I can find a script?

    I need my body to produce more progesterone to alter the estrogen dominance and don’t want to pump myself full of pills.

    I am unaware of any specific script. Keep in mind that in balancing your energy system around any and all problems assists the other systems of the body as well. Tap for all your emotions around having these problems, include tapping for any medical events or diagnoses that were traumatic. Emma Roberts and Sue Beer have collaborated on a new book: The Baby Making Bible that may have suggestions for your issues. http://www.theeftcentre.com/the-baby-making-bible.html

  2. i need your help..we need a baby, 8 years i take my marriage.., and i and my wife very need a baby.. i hope you can help me with eft.. i & my wife have a baby.. thanks God Bless You

  3. Problems becoming pregnant can create a great deal of stress on both partners and the relationship. Emma Roberts and Sue Beer collaborated on a new book: The Baby Bible that covers many issues around pregnancy. You can read more about it at http://www.theeftcentre.com/the-baby-making-bible.html

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