EFT and The Secret

EFT and The Secret


How does EFT work with what The Secret teaches?


There is SO much more to The Law of Attraction than just “wishing” for something. For one, it’s virtually impossible to be optimistic about something you want when you’re focused on debt, illness, loneliness, unworthiness, or self-doubt. And it’s virtually impossible to attract abundance if you’re carrying around “garbage” from your past. By using EFT to neutralize the negativity in your life, and by changing your limiting beliefs into positive ones, you’ll be in a more receptive place to attract the life of your dreams.

The integration of EFT and The Law of Attraction is a natural synergy. By learning how to use these two powerful forces together; EFT to eliminate the negative blocks in your way, and the Law of Attraction to attract what you want, you can easily manifest love, money, health, happiness or whatever you desire. I also tap on what you want to manifest as well. So I use EFT for the negative and the positive. For more information on EFT and the Law of Attraction visit the Products page of my website www.LKcoaching.com, or the Free Stuff page for downloads, links, articles and more.

Lindsay Kenny


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  1. Benton Lafluer
    November 17, 2010 at 7:48 am

    I thought this article is very helpful, thanks very much

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