EFT: Can you Help Us Empower the Philippines?

In late 2013, typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines causing devastating damage and massive loss of life. For weeks people struggled to survive the horrific conditions. The survivors, including many children were left traumatised with post traumatic shock.

Sebastiaan is an EFT Practitioner. In the months that followed the disaster he started to help these children overcome that trauma so that they could rebuild their lives. To date he has helped over 200 using EFT.

Now Sebastiaan has set his sights on helping more of these children regain their lives. He has set up the “Empower the Philippines” project. He has recruited the help of other EFT’ers from around the world who include EFT Masters, Tania A Prince, Rehana Webster, Emma Roberts and Sue Beer. They are flying to the Philippines to help bring EFT to as many of the children as possible.

To make this happen we need your help. Please if you can DONATE, it doesn’t matter how small it is. And please SHARE this with as many people as possible. Together I think we can make a difference here. If you have ideas to help with this project we would love to hear from you.

Watch the video to see the inspiring work already done by Sebastiaan, I found it truly moving.


You can also see the full project which includes teaching psychotherapists EFT, building sustainable housing and schools and a library. Do, please if you can help support this project.

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