EFT for Insomnia


How can I use EFT for insomnia?


Ask when the insomnia began and what was happening around the time that it first manifested. Tapping on the emotions or events around the time the insomnia began often is a good start.

A real issue for many insomniacs is the fear of not sleeping. This catastrophising about what will happen if I don’t sleep adds to the pressure and stress. The brain can then get into a cycle of fear restlessness and poor sleep because of the fear of not sleeping!

Time line work can help in pinpointing the problem time and often more importantly reconnecting to a time of good sleeping habits. One of Gary’s ideas for his ideal weight many years ago could be adapted here. [See the Palace of Possibilities video set for this story.] For example: Tapping on each point and saying something like: My ideal sleep time is……. hours each night and that is what I do. Doing this regularly often works well.

Focusing on what you want while you are working to clear out the negatives is helpful. Doing the tapping at the same time you focus on what you want brings up the tail-enders to resolve.

Many years ago an enquiring client rang up to ask me about help with insomnia and I said: “If you guessed at what is making sleep unsafe for you what would that be?” Her answer to this gave us a lead into a door to open the way to her emotional freedom and improved sleep.

Mair Llewellyn

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