EFT Videos

EFT Videos

I don’t know much about EFT but I need videos so I can follow along. I won’t know where to tap otherwise. Not a question huh? Can you provide videos so I can learn properly?

Actually a great question! Many beginners struggle with what to say as they tap and sometimes where to tap. EFT is a forgiving process and as long as you are covering the points it won’t really matter which point you tap with which statement.  Dr. Carrington has a nice handout for where the points are CLICK HERE.  But we love “questions” like yours as it gives us a chance to share the many resources we have for learning EFT. While most people start at the top of the head point you can start anywhere on the diagram. Many of the master’s sites have free download pages sharing great information for new comers. We’ve listed the web sites of the EFT Masters at the end of this newsletter. Some have Blogs with helpful information about using EFT.

Many have DVDsThose selling DVDs that would allow for tapalongs are:
Emma Roberts and Sue Beer – London http://www.theeftcentre.com/videos.html/
Judy Byrne London – http://www.judybyrne.co.uk/products.htm
Lindsay Kenny CA  http://www.lifecoachingwithlindsay.com/shoppingcart.html
Rue Hass CO http://www.intuitivementoring.com/books-dvds/
Jaqui Crooks UK http://www.beacontraining.co.uk/dvds.php
Loretta Sparks USA CA http://selfcarepower.com/understanding-compulsive-helping-video/
Tania Prince UK http://www.eft-courses.co.uk/products.htm
Karl Dawson UK http://www.efttrainingcourses.net/dvds.htm
VARIOUS Masters can be seen in the EFTDVDs from EFT  Master Showcases. Pick your favorites or join the DVD of the Month Club.

You can tap along to any demonstration of EFT in any format.  Other EFT Masters with CDs, audios or books on various aspects of using EFT are:
Carol Look New York http://www.attractingabundance.com/eft/store/
Pat Carrington USA MA http://masteringeft.com/masteringblog/all-products/
Nancy Gnecco USA GA  http://www.NancyGnecco.com
Jan Luther USA NC  http://www.JanLuther.com

Teleclasses are a great and inexpensive way to learn. Many also have a “how to” page introducing EFT. Enter EFT Masters into youtube search engine and see many videos of the masters working. The master’s site also still rents Gary Craig’s older DVDs – http://www.eftmastersworldwide.com/content/gary-craig-eft-dvds/  The best set for tapping along is Borrowing Benefits, a part of the Intermediate Set.

June 28, 2012


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