Andy Bryce


Andy brings a wealth of personal experience and humor to his presentations. With his unique ability to clarify issues and impart practical information in an entertaining way, his listeners feel encouraged and excited about achieving the level of change in their lives that he has experienced in his own.
Clients report seeing immediate and lasting results as well as feeling understood more than ever before because of Andy’s clear instructions and high level of acceptance and compassion. Andy’s warm sense of humor makes any time with him an enjoyable and beneficial experience
Andy comes with many varied experiences. He coached and led Men’s groups for eight years. He worked with teenagers in the care of the Ministry of Children and Families in British Columbia for ten years. He co-founded a nonprofit society to provide training in psychic ability and, in the late 1980s, enjoyed leading transformational fire walks. He has been studying and practicing Metaphysics and Spiritual Principles for over twenty-five years. He has created his own style of energy work which he calls “Breakthrough Bodywork” because it helps to clear the client of emotional armor, removes pockets of emotions such as anger or grief and balances the chakras, among many other benefits. Andy has clients in Canada, the United States and Europe.
Emotional Freedom Techniques for Everyone: Andy sees EFT as a wonderful tool that can be applied to almost any situation and believes the benefits are amplified in a group situation. Andy provides a clear, loving and gentle environment in which to learn this powerful and flexible tool. Participants come away with immediate results that last, as well as a solid understanding of EFT to continue on their own. He helps others to Create and hold changes you create in your life and to take charge of your relationships.
As Andy says: “Your relationships are the mirrors of your inner self, so stop polishing the mirror and start taking the steps that will produce the new level of love and wealth and safety and respect that you want in your life! And have the results you want right now!”

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