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  • Name Jan Luther
  • Website http://www.JanLuther.com
  • Email info@janluther.com
  • Contact Phone (704) 563-0874
  • Location state :North Carolina country:USA
  • Credentials EFT Master, Reiki Master, Certified TAT practitioner, Meta-NLP Practitioner, licensed inter-faith m
  • Video / Audio Interview with Jan Luther


Jan Luther is an EFT Master with the incredible ability to take seemingly complicated and frustrating life challenges and reframe them into simple, specific and even exciting solutions.

Relying heavily on intuition and spiritual guidance, Jan incorporates her sensitivities as a Reiki Master and her deep love of spiritual teachings into her sessions and classes. Using these, she can listen beyond the clients mental/ego confusion and “chatter”, enabling her to zero in on the issue at heart. Students frequently comment in amazement that”her words go right to my heart”.

Jan has been a long time student/facilitator of A Course in Miracles.

A certified TAT practitioner/trainer, Meta-NLP Practitioner and licensed interfaith minister, she has been creating and presenting workshops since 1988. She teaches life skills on a variety of topics including The Law of Attraction, The Physics of Peacemaking, Building Indestructible Self-Worth, Charity and Forgiveness and Communicating without A.D.D. © (that is without: Attacking, Defending or Denying).

Jan has been offering a monthly EFT introductory workshop since 2002 entitled Practical Applications in EFT ©. The workshops have been as varied as they have been numerous and include topics on physical pain, forgiveness, healing relationships, new tools for addressing anger, and a myriad of unusual experiments such as clearing pet peeves, mirror tapping and spring cleaning your emotional closets. Her favorite topic however, will always be how to grow loving relationships.

Jan’s presentations are fast paced, highly interactive and filled with humor and insights. Never preachy, always nurturing and totally loving, her sessions and classes always leave those in attendance feeling refreshed and inspired.

Jan is the founder and CEO of The Rejuvenation Station, LLC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she is currently offering personal one-on-one sessions both in person and nationwide via phone. She conducts EFT Training Level 1, 2 and 3; topic specific full-day workshops and regular 90-minute teleclasses. In 2007, Jan initiated an EFT Mentor/Coaching program for clients and practitioners.

As one student said:”I have seen EFT, I had done EFT, heck I have taught EFT but I have never experienced EFT the way I did tonight with Jan. It was a truly spiritual experience. I feel giddy.\” – Linda S.

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