Judy Byrne
Judy Byrne

Judy Byrne is passionate about spreading the EFT word to people to help them to change their lives. One of her particular interests is how we can use EFT for inner peace in the now. Her work with clients often revolves around either helping people who have learned EFT and feel stuck in the work they are doing on their own to move on. She also sees clients who want to clear out all the old negative stuff and start to live the way they really want. Judy has considerable experience of working with major early traumas such as sexual, physical and emotional abuse. She has a particular interest in how early traumas, even those that seem minor through adult eyes, can have so profound an influence on what we believe about and how we experience ourselves and our lives.

Her current work includes private therapy by phone and Skype, and practitioner and advanced practitioner trainings in Australia. She is particularly interested in bespoke training for companies and for special interest groups.

You can find her current programme, read her blog, and see feedback from past course participants on www.eftjudybyrne.website.

Judy brings a psychology degree and more than 20 years experience in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and EMDR to her EFT practice. She is keen to help EFT practitioners who want to deepen and widen the range of their EFT by adding other relevant skills.  She organised the 2008 EFT International Masterclass in London solo and the 2010 Masterclass in collaboration with two other masters, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts.

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