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  • Name Karl Dawson
  • Website http://www.eftuk.com
  • Email karl28dawson@yahoo.com
  • Contact Phone 0044 (0)1527 857866
  • Location state :England country:UNITED KINGDOM
  • Credentials EFT Master
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In the world of EFT, it is clear that those of us who teach this technique have come to do so because of the profound effect it has had in our own lives. I am no exception to this, as my own experience prior to EFT was full of physical and emotional disease, as with so many people today. Through the gift of those who shared with me these techniques, I gradually found the health, confidence and abundance that is now my life’s experience. EFT has changed my relationships with everyone and everything around me.

EFT has renewed my sense of joy, mystery and purpose in life.

As one who now teaches this unique and powerful tool, I have come to realize that service to others is a fundamental human act. From assisting healing in the lives of friends and family, to the many people that I’ve worked with as a therapist, to the hundreds of people who have attended my courses, I am reminded daily that my service in teaching EFT spreads further outward through those I teach.

This knowledge and the confirmation I have from witnessing how the principals of EFT, time and time again, produce astounding results, make me feel truly blessed that I am part of an amazing process.

Now as an established EFT practitioner and trainer, I am in the fortunate position to be amongst the few EFT Masters worldwide, who have collectively taken on the role of being ambassadors of this incredible self help and therapeutic tool.

Through monthly practitioner courses in the UK and internationally, my passion is to share EFT. Not only to existing practitioners and therapists, such as NHS professionals, Hypnotherapists, NLP’ers, Councillors, Psychologists, Cognitive behavioural therapists and many other conventional, alternative and complementary therapists, but to all who want to help themselves and those close to them to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

In addition to offering EFT practitioner levels 1, 2 and 3, I also teach a unique EFT speciality which focuses on serious physical and emotional issues, with the aim to help individuals not only learn why they have become ill, but to give them the tools to take back responsibility for our own health and healing.

If you feel you need more information on this compelling, self-help technique and wish to discuss how EFT can help you, please contact me or attend a course to see first hand these simple but highly effective techniques.

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