Mary Stafford

Mary Stafford, an EFT Master, uses EFT to assist clients with trauma, anxiety, addictions, depression, chronic anger, grief, phobias, stress and associated illnesses, and performance anxiety. She has been using EFT and training others in the use of EFT for 12 years. She has 25 years of counseling experience. She has learned many other energy psychology methods but focuses on EFT because of how simple it is to learn and use. She holds EFT Level 1 and 2 monthly trainings Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. She has presented at the AZ School Counselors Conference for the last 3 years. Her dream is that every child in elementary school will learn this simple way of releasing negative feelings. If that happened children would have a much better chance at having a good life. She is also focused on the importance of teaching parents EFT. The bottom line is everybody needs to know how to tap!