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Peter Graham, certified EFT Master, is an experienced counsellor, facilitator and relationship coach. He has been using EFT in his full time practice in Perth, Western Australia, for over 10 years. Having used about a hundred different “clearing techniques” over a 25 year period to help people clear their accumulated emotional issues, Peter has since found EFT to be the most effective, flexible and useful tool he has ever used. It is his experience that the limitations of EFT seem to be only the skill of the person using it and you can continue growing with it.

Peter uses a number of innovative ways of using EFT to work with and open the door to make headway with even the most resistant issues. He has a spiritual orientation when applying EFT and operates on the basis that our accumulated emotional pain can be dissolved by sustained consciousness. He sees EFT as having a number of contributing factors, where tapping is the primary one, all integrated into this amazingly effective tool that can be used to help people eliminate their negative emotions, accept and live life more fully and find inner peace.

One of his contributions is a booklet, and now an eBook, on \\\”Getting the Most from EFT\\\” which is almost entirely from a client perspective. It is very useful whether self-applying EFT or working as a client with an EFT practitioner.

Peter is passionate about using EFT and teaching it to anyone and everyone who wants to heal their emotional wounds and to grow personally and spiritually. He presents EFT as a tool that can be used across the whole spectrum of human conditions from being used as a therapeutic technique or treatment for those who have serious emotional issues to a powerful tool for personal and spiritual growth.

He also does relationship coaching that provides practical ways to effectively resolve and heal relationship issues. EFT has an important role in this as many people carry emotional baggage and underlying issues from earlier relationships and/or from childhood which can adversely affect their current relationship.

As well as doing private EFT sessions in his practice, Peter also runs four EFT workshops from Level 1 to Level 3 plus his Personal Empowerment EFT Workshop. He holds the view that quality EFT depends on quality training. As well as many hundreds of lay people, he has also trained psychologists, doctors and a psychiatrist in the use of EFT.

\\\”EFT is the most flexible and effective technique I have ever used. You can use it on just about anything and it works so consistently. After using EFT for many ye

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