Rehana Webster

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Rehana Webster currently back in Perth Australia after living in New Zealand for 7 years. With over 25 years of experience in the “healing services” her qualifications include a Masters Certification in EFT, Masters accreditation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a BSc in Biological Anthropology and has studied numerous other modalities in the emerging field of mind-body, energy medicine and psychology. She maintains membership to ACEP, AINLP and IASH,

Rehana runs a successful Clinic and specializes in helping people suffering with PTSDs, GADs, depression and panic attacks. She has combined her knowledge of NLP, Biology and Anthropology to get outstanding results for her clients. Rehana uses her understanding of how the ‘mind-body’ interacts and how beliefs are intertwined with one’s environment and culture to bring her clients to new levels of freedom from negative emotions. She has developed an innovative program, as part of her train-the-trainer series, combining EFT / NLP to make the application of EFT both skillful and outstanding.

Her international practice includes EFT and NLP Workshops, private counseling sessions in person and by phone as well as trainings, presentations and speaking engagements. Her workshops are fun, relaxed and experiential. Her goal is to help produce practitioners who will apply EFT artfully, confidently and successfully.

Rehana says: “Thank you Gary for making this wonderful technique available to everyone. I believe EFT is one of the BEST and easiest tools to use for ‘state management.”

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