• Name: Sophia Cayer
  • Website: www.sophiacayer.com
  • Email: sophia@sophiacayer.com
  • Contact: 941-776-8584
  • Location:  Parrish, Florida
  • Credentials:  AAMET Trainer of Trainers, EFT-Honors
  • Video / Audio Interview with Sophia Cayer. [mp3j track=”http://eftmastersworldwide.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/sophiacayer.mp3″ autoplay=”no”]


Sophia is known for her dedication, intuition, enthusiasm and sense of humor. Her unique ability for gently reaching and unraveling core issues continues to surprise and benefit those who work with her. She has been assisting clients with achieving goals for more than 18 years, and has been an EFT Coach/Teacher for more than 10 years.

She is the author of EFT Language – Creating it & Going With The Flow, and was one of the 5 experts who joined EFT founder Gary Craig in California for a week long intensive with veterans suffering from PTSD – March, 2008.

Sophia is Co-Founder of the Personal Peace Foundation – a not-for-profit organization specializing in Trauma & Abuse training for practitioners, service providers and organizations. The organization also offers one on one coaching, mentoring and intensives. It addition to assistance for Veterans and their family members, it focuses on assistance for all of the “Invisible Heroes” among us, dealing with the “Invisible Wounds” resulting from Trauma & Abuse – helping to provide a pathway out of that private world of pain. http://www.personalpeacefoundation.org

Hank Hadley, predominately featured in Gary Craig’s “EFT Intro Video”, released early in 2007, worked with Sophia in overcoming his challenges. You may know him as “Harry”, the name Sophia used to identify Hank when she shared his story in the EFT Newsletter. Hank returned to work after more than 20 years on disability. He overcame numerous obstacles including Multiple Sclerosis. At this writing he is approaching the three year anniversary of being free of wheel chair and crutches, and no traces of Multiple Sclerosis can be found. You can read about his remarkable healing journey on Sophia’s website.

While Sophia enjoys offering Intensives and teaching Approved Level 1, 2 & 3 workshops, she also specializes in training professionals and has many psychologist, counselors and teachers as clients and students. She also offers “custom designed” workshops to fit your group’s needs. If you would like to have her present a seminar or intensive in your area email or call. She also enjoys traveling!

In addition to teaching and working with clients, she will often be found involved with some community effort utilizing EFT. Dr. David Feinstein featured her work with Katrina evacuees in an article on his website, “Energy Psychology in Disaster Relief”. www.energytraumatreatment.com.

“Sophia Cayer is that rare individual who can integrate the heart’s wisdom with depth of knowledge and experience. She does this in an engaging manner that held the attention of her students for two days who were left wanting more. What a privilege it is when one encounters a Master practitioner who deserves the title.“ – Douglas Canterbury-Counts, Ph.D. Sacred Psychology/Neuropsychology


Books by Sophia Cayer

EFT Language: Creating it and Going with the Flow

Spanish Edition

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