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Sue Beer lives, breathes and dreams EFT! She has a busy private practice in London, UK and is co-founder of The EFT Centre with Emma Roberts offering Level 1, 2 and 3 trainings, specialist trainings in trauma and sexual abuse, cancer, fertility, weight – as well as the personal transformation workshops, ‘Healing the Addicted Heart: 5 Stages of Transformation’, and ‘Opening to Love’.

Recently, Sue and Emma hosted and presented at the first (truly international!) EFT Masterclass in London which was a huge success and inspiration to many people from all over the world. Now the intrepid pair are looking forward to a project with Carol Look in London March 2007, and co-presenting ‘Beyond the Boundaries’ with Steve Wells and David Lake in June, also in London.

Sue is a specialist in working with addictions and personal transformation. She has a deep understanding of addictive processes and how to become free of them. Her joy is in helping people reclaim their power and their ability to really love – life, themselves and one another! These are the themes of her work with ‘Healing the Addicted Heart’ and ‘Opening to Love’.

“There are many of us now doing fascinating and important work with EFT and opportunities like this to meet and share, learn and laugh together are vital. I am so looking forward to meeting old and new friends.”

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