I Won’t Know Who I am – Tap Along

By David Rourke, EFT Master

EFT works so fast that some clients just aren’t ready to let go of some of their ‘stuff’ so quickly. They may stop tapping Even practitioners may get to a certain point in our personal peace procedure and just stop. As humans we balk at change – even change we intellectually know will be better for us. Try adding your own ‘reasons’ to the below tap along.

First give a 1 to 10 ranking on your resistance to do even THIS tapping exercise. Where do you most feel that resistance? Focus on that area as you tap.

Even though part of me resists tapping, for whatever reason, I know that I am trying to do my best.

  • top of head: I’m resistant to tapping
  • eye brow: I don’t like having to tap
  • side of eye: Maybe part of me doesn’t want to love and accept myself
  • under eye: Maybe part of me is afraid to love and accept myself
  • under nose: Of course I’m resistant to tapping
  • chin: Or, maybe it’s that I’m resistant to change
  • collarbone: I’m afraid to welcome the unknown
  • under arm: I don’t know who I would be if I finally learned to love and accept myself

Repeat 2 more times.  Take a deep breath.  Assess your resistance.  What comes up?  What issues do you need to add to the above?  Where do you feel it in your body now?  When your resistance is down to a 3 or less try using a positive phrase:

  • top of head- I know I’m in the process of learning to be less afraid of the unknown
  • eye brow – I love knowing that I can still be safe even if things seem unfamiliar to me
  • side of eye - I know that I am doing the best that I can
  • under eye – I’m in the process of letting go of this fear of the unknown
  • under nose – I’m in the process of learning to love and accept myself as perfectly flawed
  • chin – Maybe I can be more open and loving to myself
  • collarbone – I’m learning that change can be for the positive; my experiences and growth over the past few years has showed me that
  • under arm - I am in the process of knowing that I am profoundly lovable, as is

Repeat as necessary.  AND if you are still  really, really resistant accept yourself anyway. J

This tap along was modified from a posting on David Rourke’s newsletter.  Sign up for his newsletter David will be presenting at the EFT Extravaganza in November in Australia.  David can be seen on the DVD of the Month Club and as a key presenter in the Healing the Cycle of Addictions DVD set.

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