Kiss and Tap

Kiss and Tap

Kiss and Tap: Kiss someone you love on all the face points and say I love you. Great for kids! Great for lovers! Also, kiss yourself on the 5 finger points of both hands, the karate chop point on both sides, the gamut spot, and any other spots you can reach. J Do this very tenderly.

-Carol Look, EFT Master


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  1. Gabber
    January 21, 2014 at 6:11 pm

    As an EFT practitioner I’ve not pernosally worked with this presentation, but EFT can help most issues, since the process is the same regardless of the complaint.Likely there will have been some emotional trauma around or before the time the feelings of depersonalisation first began. Applying EFT as normal to those events will bring relief for the bigger problem.

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