My Trip to India

by EFT Master Ann Adams


My Trip to India


In the Spring of 2013 I spent from April 21 to May 20, in Anand, Gujarat, India. And, as said on an old TV show, “This is my story”. This information was originally written as a travel blog on my blog which is primarily, but not totally EFT oriented. There are lots and lots of pictures. People who read the original blogs had nice things to say – so – Enjoy!

The purpose of my trip to India was to visit my niece, Dee, who has worked as an English Language Fellow consulting at a teacher training college in Gujarat for a year and half. She has adapted well. She’s worked hard to make the job of teaching English to children an easier and more effective process. Her books can help children learn English as a second language regardless of their native language. There are indeed many ways to contribute to making this world a better place. Check out her contributions at Studydo (for free downloads of her books), her personal web site for consulting with would be Kindle authors.

We traveled together to many of the rural areas in Gujarat. This was a unique trip to areas that generally tourists don’t see – in fact, I saw very few tourists while there and those were from other parts of India or Asia. After arriving in India and traveling to Anand, I saw no Americans or Europeans until the airport for my return to the USA.

I expected the cows walking the streets and the trash everywhere. I didn’t expect the camels pulling long flat carts – I’d never seen a camel outside of movies and was a bit surprised at how truly B-I-G they are. They are used to carry flat carts to deliver larger items in Anand. The camels make their way just fine among the other traffic whether a small dirt road or on the expressway as below.

There were certainly a variety of ways to travel. The number of scooters and motorcycles is amazing. They are certainly not as worried about safety; saw 2 helmets the entire month. The scooters/motorcycles are often seen with a entire family aboard – with as many as 5 people on one motorcycle speeding down the road. Even more surprising is that the females often ride side saddle behind the driver – even while holding a baby.

One of my favorite was the little “cars” that operated like taxis. Many of these small open “cars” were loaded with as many as 15 people – I had no idea you could get that many people in a car that size. What was even more interesting is that they would want to get in – and pay for it.


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