Peace Within the Midst of Chaos

Circumstances beyond our control can mean living in the midst of almost constant chaos and stress.  When this is the case, self-preservation needs to remain at the top of the priority list.  If you are saying: “That just can’t be! There’s no time for me”, tapping suggestions have been included. As Iyanla Vanzant says, with one hand on her forehead and the other at the back of her head: “Save yourself.”

Whether we are aware of it or not, when we make valiant efforts to be at our best, we tend to set aside and ignore our true feelings for the benefit of others, suppressing the urge to explode or respond inappropriately.  Doing so can take a heavy toll.

While there is nothing wrong with making best efforts to keep the peace and generate harmony, tending to pent up emotions and relieving the resultant stress deserves time and attention. The emotions and stress build up in body and mind, generating muscle aches and other physical discomforts, and many times negative thought patterns. It then becomes more and more difficult to function optimally.


Here’s an approach for some relief:



(At the Karate Chop of Sore Spot)

Even though trying to keep the peace is exhausting and painful, I give

myself permission to honor all these feelings now.


Even though trying to keep the peace has me filled with I tension and stress,

I choose peace within now.


Even though this tension and stress sits in every cell of my being, I am

ready to feel relaxed and at ease now.




TH: All this exhaustion and pain

EB: All this tension and stress

OE: How could I feel any other way?

UE: But I am ready to release it now.

UN: The pain of all this this emotion

CH: This constant discomfort

CB: It is absolutely exhausting

UA: But I welcome peace within now.

TH: These wearying thoughts and emotions

EB: Stored in my body and mind

OE: I am releasing now

UE: From every cell of my being,

UN: Welcoming peace within

CH: I know I deserve it

CB: Releasing it all this stress and tension

UA: As I welcome a sense of peace and well-being within


Consider taking just a few minutes for this as you begin your day, at the end of the day, or anytime during the day when you feel the need for some relief.  Do it more than once a day!  Tapping your way through this script a few times will only take a few minutes and the benefits will be well worth it.


If you are thinking of all the reasons you can’t do this, including the fact that you are too tired to tap, take a moment now to take a few deep breaths and say “I love and forgive myself.”  Now, please consider the following:

  • Too tired or wound up? Sit in a relaxing place, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  Now, instead of tapping, imagine yourself tapping as you say the words – or simply focus on what you feel.   Another alternative is to apply gentle pressure to the points as you focus on what you feel, taking a couple of deep breaths at each point.
  • There is no time for me!  You deserve and need time for self-care, and if that somehow sounds selfish or impossible, view it as (or call it) “required maintenance”.  At the risk of repeating myself, in order to navigate our way through ongoing challenging circumstances successfully, remain healthy and enjoy life, we need to honor and nourish body, mind and spirit on a regular basis.  While we all have our issues, reasons and excuses for not doing this, please list them all and tap through them.  You deserve joy, peace and happiness!

There is no time for me!



(At the Karate Chop of Sore Spot)


Even though I am convinced there is no time for me, I’d like to love and

respect myself more starting now.

Even though there seems to be no time for me, the wiser part of me knows,

my needs are just as important as those around me.

Even though I might not think I deserve time for myself, I am creating time

for myself anyway!




TH: No time for me,

EB: Too much to do and too exhausted anyway!

OE: All this stress and strain

UE: Sometimes I feel like giving up

UN: Maybe it’s time for me to take time!


CH: You’ve got to be kidding!

CB: There’s simply no time!

UA: Or maybe it’s more than time to make time!

TH: It might lift my spirits

EB: I do deserve a little TLC

OE: It would really feel good…

UE: To just relax and breathe

UN: The wiser part of me knows I deserve it

CH: I give and do so much

CB: Maybe it’s time to honor and respect my needs…

UA: The way I honor the needs of others.


Remember to breathe deeply and relax… And consider some surrogate tapping for those challenging circumstances and individuals in your life.  You could end up being pleasantly surprised at how it calms things!


Wishing you true peace within and joy,



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