Tap-along for New Opportunities

Tapalong for New opportunities

I’ve been spending time in beautiful Slovenija. I went for a conference and then had a few days play.  The sun shone, the spring flowers were out and the only thing that jarred was the terrible damage to the forests by the ice storm in January. Everywhere was the sound of chainsaws as teams of people were still trying to clear the aftermath and yet, still Spring arrived, still flowers bloomed, still trees were putting out leaves.  It looked like a tragedy and yet, for some plants it will be an opportunity. More light will give them a better chance to shine. Trees that survived will have space and light to grow taller, wider, stronger. The strongest trees will be the ones that survived and so the gene pool will be better.

Out of tragedy comes opportunity and it’s the same for us in our lives.  As things come to an end, whether that be relationships, jobs, friendships, it creates an opening, an opportunity for new and different things to come into our lives.  If we allow ourselves to mourn for the loss and then turn our eyes to the future, allow ourselves to imagine what good may come from the ending, if we focus on new beginnings, we lift our spirits and we begin to attract those good things into our lives.   It’s all a choice and there’s no right or wrong. we can focus on the ending, or the new beginning and either is ok. It’s just good to remember that the new beginnings are there, whenever we’re ready to look for them and allow them in.   I wonder what new beginnings are waiting in the wings for you?  May all your new beginnings be joyful and exciting and interesting and enriching.

Even though it feels like the end of the world, maybe I’m OK, even though I don’t believe it

Even though I have all these feelings and I don’t know how to deal with them….yet…. I deeply and completely accept myself anyway…maybe

Even though this can’t be meant to happen in this way, I must have done something wrong, or someone must have done something wrong, it has to be someones fault, I’m open to the possibility that I’m OK and maybe the others involved are too, though I may not want to accept that…yet…

Even though it’s painful and I can’t see how something good can come from it, I’m OK

Even though it’s the end of things, I’m open to the possibility that it may also be the beginning of other things, too

Even though it wasn’t how I wanted it to be, maybe this is just natural clearing, so that there is space in my life for new things, new love, new connections, new opportunities and I wonder how it would be if I started to wonder about those right now

What if I could acknowledge, that’s happened and I’m surviving

That’s happened and the world is still turning and I’m still part of it

What if I could be open to noticing new possibilities arriving?

What if I could see new opportunities?

What if I could allow myself to be in a state of wonder?

What if I allowed myself to trust that all is as it needs to be?

What if I allowed myself to be ok even though this happened?

What if I allowed myself to see myself as perfect, whole and complete, in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, because maybe that’s the truth!:)
 Jaqui Crooks http://www.beacontraining.co.uk/index.php


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