Tap-along for Spring

Tap-along for Spring
Even though the sun’s out and it feels like spring, I’m OK
Even though it feels like spring out there and I want to feel it too, I’m OK
Even though I can feel the excitement of the new growth and maybe I still feel stuck, I deeply and completely accept myself.
I’m feeling a bit stuck
I want to grow
I want to shine
I want to blossom
I want to grow into me
And maybe I could
And maybe not
And wouldn’t it be wonderful if I did
Even though I could do with some clearing, I’m OK
Even though I don’t know what I need to do, to come out of this and blossom, I’m OK
Even though I don’t know and part of me does, just like the flowers know how to grow, I deeply and completely accept myself
The flowers don’t worry
They just do it
It happens
It’s spring and they blossom It’s just what happens
And maybe it could happen for me
I’m part of the universe, so why wouldn’t it
It’s spring, everything is growing and blossoming and I give all parts of me permission to do that for me too
Choosing to relax and allow nature to take it’s course and to enjoy my journey
Jacqui Crooks EFT master

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