Three Reader Questions, Three Master Answers

Three Reader Questions, Three Master Answers

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QUESTION: I need a specific tapping script to balance out hormones and stop weight gain, miscarriage, luteal phase defect, pcos, etc. Anyone know where I can find a script? I need my body to produce more progesterone to alter the estrogen dominance and don’t want to pump myself full of pills.

Thanks for this really important question.  It really highlights a number of important issues regarding using EFT for a specific health problem.

I admire your determination to “get to work” on your problem, but a generic script won’t serve you as well as one that specifically addresses the life issues that are impacting your health. Basically, that means addressing what is stressing you out!  Stress is a major factor contributing to hormone imbalance.  Assess the stress in your life – past, present and future.  Stress from past negative events, stress in your circumstances today and stress that you may be experiencing from anticipated future events.

Regardless of where the stress originates it plays havoc with your body.  Doctors are reporting that stress is the cause of over 90% of the illness that people are seeking help for today.

Before we get started, it’s important to remember that EFT works on your energy system. Strong, negative emotions can hijack your body’s energy system and creates enough negative emotion to put your body into freeze, fight or flight mode. When that happens, your body’s life enhancing systems (digestion, reproduction, healing, etc.) go offline. If you accumulate enough stress your body’s life enhancing systems become compromised and illness or dysfunction occur.

While, EFT does not “treat” physical problems nor is it a medical procedure, it is one of the most dynamic methods for reducing and resolving stress. When stress no longer holds your body hostage, your energy system is free to help your body function in a more healthful way and allow that additional available energy to increase the possibility of natural healing.  As you resolve those past, present and future events you make more healing energy available to your body.

To be truly effective, EFT needs to be focused on the specific, so let’s look for those specifics that maybe effecting your health.  Ask yourself what were the scariest, saddest, most hurtful (physically and emotionally) events you had to deal with growing up and in your adult life.  Write them down. If there were negative things that happened repetitively, can you remember the first time it happened or the worst time it happened? Remember to list events around your medical issues and diagnoses, e.g. when the doctor told me…, how the nurse treated me when…, my family’s reaction to the miscarriage, how I feel when I look at my body in the mirror, feeling lack of support from… It is then helpful to think about what other event(s) in your life remind you of that one or what other time you’ve felt the same way.

Don’t dwell on each event while making the list, just jot it down. When you’ve listed all you can for the moment, pick one specific event at a time, starting with the one that has the strongest clear negative charge.  It could be a distant past memory, a current stressor or something you have emotions about that hasn’t happened yet. Make a mini movie out of it (no longer than a couple of minutes) that focuses on the most difficult aspect of the event.  Give it a title, for example: “When my boyfriend broke up to go with my best friend in the 8th grade,” “Not Good Enough,” “Feeling Abandoned.” “Feeling rejected.” Rate the intensity of that memory on a scale of 0 – 10.  Let’s use the first mini movie title as an example, “My boyfriend left me.”

EFT Protocol

Setup Statement – Repeat 3 X:

“Even though my boyfriend threw me over for my best friend and I felt so ashamed, I deeply and completely accept myself.” Reminder Phrase:  Boyfriend left me.

Tap all points repeating the Reminder Phrase: “Boyfriend left me.”

Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collarbone, Under Arm, Top of Head.

Reassess the intensity and Reword the Setup to fit where you are now.

Take a couple of deep breaths.  Did the intensity drop? Jot down the intensity left, if any. Did you have any thoughts, memories, images that came up while you were tapping.

Pick the most intense and repeat the EFT Protocol.

Setup Statement and Reminder phase – Repeat 3X:

“Even though (state thought, memory or image), I deeply and completely accept myself”

Tap all points repeating the Reminder Phrase:

Eyebrow, Side of Eye, Under Eye, Under Nose, Chin, Collarbone, Under Arm, Top of Head.

Reassess and Reword and do another round.

Take a couple of deep breaths.  Did the intensity drop? Jot down the intensity left, if any. Did you have any thoughts, memories, images that came up while you were tapping?

Pick the most intense of these thoughts, etc. and repeat the EFT Protocol. Keep going until there is no longer any intensity associated with the original memory. This may happen quickly or it could take a few sessions of tapping to get rid of it and related issues. Remember to go back to assess the event you started with.

Then go to the next event on your list and repeat the protocol.  This process is called the Personal Peace Procedure.

As you work with the EFT Protocol in this manner you will spontaneously create the script that will specifically address the most intense aspects of the negative events that are holding your body hostage.

Where there are complex medical issues it is helpful to have a “team” in your court. For more information on the EFT Protocol and the Personal Peace Procedure, please take a look at my website:

Loretta Sparks, LMFT, DCEP, EFT Master. Loretta sees clients in Hermosa Beach, CA and uses Skype to meet with clients all over the world.

QUESTION: I’m thinking of going back into therapy with an energy practitioner. I’ve done a lot of previous counselling and psychotherapy.  Do I HAVE to go back through all that childhood stuff again – been there done that?

This is your choice and no good practitioner will make you do anything you are uncomfortable with. It is understandable to not want to re-experience emotional pain. EFT is very different from other therapies where you might have to go week after week after week rehashing the past over and over.  With EFT we can gently yet powerfully address the core issue and most often release it quickly.  I ask my clients to close their eyes and think of an issue from the past. If they get any intensity at all it is NOT gone (even though you may have, “Been there done that,” with other techniques.) I, then, ask if they would like to get rid of that intensity completely and deal with this issue for truly the last time.

Trauma can be like a snowball rolling along – the first time a trauma happens it may be small.  Then it happens again and that negative ball of energy gets bigger. Then a similar thing happens again and that negative ball of energy gets even bigger.  When we release the first time it happened, it is like taking bricks out of the bottom of a foundation – the rest has to collapse.  With EFT when the past experience is neutralized most always that’s the very last time you think of it with any emotional reaction at all.

Maggie Adkins, Australia  Maggie sees clients both in person and by Skype around the world and teaches EFT classes in Australia.

QUESTION: When I get a note from a master saying I should tap on several things and they list several for me to tap on do I use what they said as within the usual form or how is this usually done?

I assume you are talking about being given a list of “issues” for you to use to create Setup phrases?

Your issue could be an emotion, a side effect of something (this … happened, which caused that…), an event or a belief behind the issue. In all cases it should be clear and specific. In each case you would create a Setup in the “usual form” of, “Even though [this happened OR I feel this OR I believe that] and I deeply and completely accept myself.” Work down the list of four things individually and what else comes up. Don’t get tangled up in too many things. Always, always go back to what you started with and keep working on it until it is down to 0.

Break it down into the above 4 items to create a clear list of things to tap about: What happened? “I don’t understand the instructions.” Emotion felt? “Insecurity and Fear.”  Side effect? “ I am confused, I cannot do my homework.” Belief?  “She/he will think I’m stupid.” or, “I am stupid.” Tap for each of the 4 parts to the problem – usually separately starting with what jumps out as the biggest part at the moment. Sometimes you can cover all four in one Setup but best to at least start with only one.

It will also be helpful to explore what stopped you from asking this question of the person who gave you the list? Whenever you are working with someone and have questions about anything it is OK to just ask for clarification. If you are hesitant to ask that also creates a tapable issue, “Even though I’m nervous and my stomach feels upset when I think about not understanding this, I deeply and completely want to accept myself anyway.”

Ann Adams, LCSW, DCEP, director of past EFT Master Program

May 14, 2012


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Comments ( 3 )
  1. Reena
    August 29, 2012 at 10:00 am


    I am a 54 yrs old female from India, I have been suffering from ‘Hidradenititis Supurrativa’

    (Hidradenitis is a chronic and stubborn skin disease centred on inflammation of the large specialised sweat glands (apocrine glands) that are found mainly in the armpits and groin area. These areas show a distinctive mixture of boil-like lumps, areas leaking pus, and scarring, which can be itchy, but usually painful, and the lumps hurt if they are pressed. Aside from the pain and unpleasantness of the condition, it can also be embarrassing and unsightly. There are possibly over 100,000 sufferers in the UK alone with this condition, which can be difficult to treat, although there are a number of treatments that can be tried including medications and surgery. HS is a chronic condition which is managed rather than cured and can unfortunately flare up again even after it has appeared to improve.) more about this condition can be found on the internet.

    I also suffer from varicose veins and may need surgery.

    I also have very bad facial skin ie. I have a lot of subcutaneous fat globules, pustules, cysts, white heads, black heads etc under the skin.

    I have just come across EFT and was hoping it might help my conditions.

    I will be very grateful to you if you can tell me if EFT can help me and how.

    Thanks and Regards

    • admin
      August 30, 2012 at 9:20 pm

      That’s a lot to have to deal with. There are lots of anecdotal stories of EFT helping or even eliminating a chronic condition. EFT often needs lots of persistence in tapping for chronic issues. And sometimes, the truth is that EFT doesn’t work at all. EFT does not “cure” anything. It simply balances the energy system which frees up more energy for your body to heal. Anything that negatively affects you emotionally also negatively affects you energetically which in turn affects your physical health which can of course affect you negatively emotionally!! Since you are new to EFT I’d start by exploring the free how to use EFT or how to tap information on the internet. Be careful though as sometimes this examples of how to have you tapping very generically. EFT is most useful when you are tapping for a specific event. So be sure to modify any tapping scripts that are out there to a specific event that affects you. Tapping scripts are no substitute for your own specifically defined Setup statement. There are several books also on using EFT. I recommend mine (of course 😉 EFT Level 1 (and 2) Comprehensive Training Resource. Start with using EFT for current things in your life that upset you emotionally, like the last doctor’s visit where the nurse said something to you that upset you. Tapping for these type issues can lead you to other earlier events, like your reaction when you first found out you had this condition. The more your energy system is balanced and free of emotional events that is dragging you down the better chance your body has to heal. It could be very helpful to have a few sessions with an experienced practitioner to get you started down the right path.

  2. Usama
    October 9, 2012 at 6:27 am

    I would also recommend thoroughly studying Gary Craig’s (Founder of EFT) website/tutorial

    As Ann said, start with tapping for current things in your life, this will not only improve your EFT skills which you’ll need to go deeper, but it will also right away show you improvements on small things and motivate you.

    Remember that many EFT resources on the internet focus on general EFT scripts which most probably will make you feel better, but most of the times that improvement will not be permanent. Going back to specific childhood events and tapping can give you life-changing improvements and who knows maybe even resolve the issues you mentioned.

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