Transformational Tapathon™

By EFT Master Lindsay Kenny


I’m VERY excited about our first Annual Transformational Tapathon; San Francisco, Sept 21st and 22nd.

I’ve been working on and perfecting this project for over three years now. It’s simply the most effective formula for fast, effective, personal transformation. And I’m even going to share a part of it with you now.

We know tapping works and that it’s highly effective for literally hundreds of issues; pain, illness, negative emotions, procrastination, weight issues and countless other problems. But did you know that it’s common for people to struggle with clearing their issues by themselves? They tap and feel better, but often don’t end up where they ultimately want to be.

So here’s the ANSWER: Get the most out of your tapping and allow yourself to transform into the “butterfly” you know you can be. (There are male butterflies too, guys.) Join us for these two powerful days of tapping, transformation and fun.


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But hey, I’m going to share the formula for transformation right now that we will be using in class. A few of you may be able to master it on your own. Most, however, will need some help…which is what this workshop is about. Here’s my (simple) formula for personal transformation, peace, happiness and prosperity:

  1. Completely clean up your past - neutralize EVERY bad thing that’s EVER happened to you: Trauma, losses, deaths, divorces, betrayals and more. Yes, everything! Our past can prohibit us from truly enjoying our present while causing us to fear our future. Truly eradicating our past hardships is essential in order to move forward with ease.(As you know, accomplishing the above is not always easy. But in the workshop we’ll show you how to do it so quickly and easily you may not be able to grasp it at first.)
  2. Let go and release ALL of your past mistakes, failures, screw-ups and disappointments. Annihilate the guilt, shame, regret and remorse for every regrettable thing you’ve ever done, thought or said.(As you know, accomplishing all of that and forgiving yourself is not always easy. But guess what? In the workshop we’ll show you how to wipe your slate clean of guilt, shame and regret, so easily you may not be able to believe it.)
  3. Describe and create your life exactly as you would like it to be 1, 5 or even 10 years in the future. And…be able to experience it now, as if it’s your reality today! This is an amazing way to feel and I live it every day. I want to give YOU the unique key to the door of prosperity and freedom.(In the workshops we’ll show you how to lay out your future so quickly and easily that you may not be able to absorb it right away. But you WILL.)


Are you seeing a pattern here? If it sounds impossible, like hyperbole, or too hard, I promise you it’s not. I can assure you this is all very achievable since I’ve used it for my own happiness and success and have taught it to hundreds of my clients and students. Now it’s time for everyone to experience this incredible transformation.

In this two-day Transformational Tapathon™ we’re going to teach you the skills and tools necessary to make all of the above possible. And you will continue to have these tools available forever to help keep you on track. We expect most our participants to leave this workshop with all of the above formula completely accomplished. Everyone else will have have access to the tools, resources and support to finish what they started in class.

This could truly be a life-altering event for you, if you take advantage of it now. I’m making it very affordable and easy to do. The only catch is seating will be limited to 75 participants! So it must be first come, first served.

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