Trusting Yourself – An Article for Practitioners

by EFT Master Jaqui Crooks


Trusting Yourself

Trust in therapy is key to successful sessions, and not just between the client and the therapist, it’s also important that the therapist trusts themselves.

If you go into a session doubting your self and your abilities, worrying that you’ll get it “wrong,” that the client won’t like you, that you won’t be able to make a difference, the session will be focused on you, rather than the client.

The key to a successful session is for you to be really in tune with your client. To be alert for any nuances, any movements or words that might give you useful information.

That level of attention will also make the client feel safe. They’ll know that you’re with them and that you know what’s happening. That leads to them relaxing and becoming more open and therefore giving you even more useful information.

With good rapport, a client will forgive you even if you use the wrong word, without it a good session won’t be recognized, so when you find yourself thinking about going into a session and you hear that mind chatter going on, give yourself time to work on what’s going on for you, so that when you’re with the client, you’re really with them. You’ll really notice the difference.


Tapalong for Being Clear

Even though I’m worried they won’t like me, I’m ok

Even though I’m worried I’ll get it wrong and they’ll notice, I’m ok

Even though I’m worried, I’m open to the possibility that there is no wrong and if I listen to my client, they’ll give me all I need.

What if there really is no wrong?

What if there’s just gathering information and then using it?

What if it’s just an exploration and what doesn’t work is as important as what does, because it gives me valuable info?

What if the client really does have the answer?

What if I could trust them to give me what I need?

What if I could trust myself to use what they give me?

What if I could see this as a partnership?

What if together we could just relax and allow the healing to take place? And maybe I can!


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